Commercial Property

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Available Templates

Above we list the commercial property agreement templates that we offer. Each template has been carefully drafted by our experienced co-founding solicitor, David. We cover the full range of situations where a contract is required and we also provide additional supporting documents.

Instructing a lawyer to draft your commercial property contract can be expensive. In many instances where the arrangements are complicated the cost is justified, but equally in many situations a relatively standard document will suffice. In such situations it makes sense to draft the agreement yourself with the aid of a suitable template.

Covering Your Property Requirements

Whether you are looking for a full commercial lease agreement or a much shorter licence to occupy agreement for property, or other commercial property document, then we have your needs covered! If you have any questions as to what is the most appropriate document for your situation. You can contact us via email or telephone. Our details are on our Contact Us page.

Why Use Our Commercial Property Templates

Each of our templates comes with a detailed guide that walks you through every clause in the property agreement. We explain exactly what you need to edit and any other issues that you need to consider when completing the drafting.