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Getting Legal Advice

Legal advice should only be taken from a qualified solicitor. We will be developing this section in the future to provide access to solicitors who will provide fixed fee services.

There are times in life that we just cannot get away with ignoring the need for professional advice.

If you have legal problems or a question you will want to seek a qualified professional, but you might not always want to pay for it. Always remember that legal advice should be dispensed by a qualified professional, but there are circumstances where you may be able to avoid hefty fees or any fee for getting the answer you need. There are places that dispense legal advice for free. In this section we will be adding links to free legal advice resources that will take you up to a certain point in legal matters. For more complex matters you will be able to use our solicitor referral service.

Only the best advice

Before launching into the offerings we have in more detail it should be mentioned that there are other places to find legal advice for free. However, you should be concerned about these options. First, not all online websites are set up and maintained based on legal and professional employees. The information we provide is examined by professionals, as well as sought from direct news sources. Online forums may seem like a great place to go, but remember that forums are run by individuals who are not necessarily professionals nor do they ensure the legal advice offered is from a professional. Law books can help answer certain questions you might have, but not all.

Your best course of action when you have legal issues or questions is to seek a lawyer that offers free consultations. Most solicitors will offer a short legal advice session for free to help you determine if you have a case or not. Then you have the option of signing an agreement to allow them to take on the case.

As mentioned our site provides guides, articles, and news. The information is here to help you with legal advice, but does not replace the professional legal advice you might need.

To begin, our guides are set up in a how to style. The guides will examine each type of document available on our site. It will explain what the document should be used for. It will then go through how to download the form, how to fill it out, and the next step in the document process. Some legal documents you need will require a notary or witness signature before they will be considered legal. The how to guides will look through every step of the legal documents you can download from us. We will also have a few legal how to guides on how to find the right solicitor or how to ask the right questions of your solicitor. The how to guides will always be step by step in approach to serve you the most information.

Current and up to date

The news posts we supply on our site discuss the current legal happenings in England and Wales. For instance recent news about credit cards, their fees, and how to recoup those lost fees can be found on our site. We know how important the changes in laws and regulations can be for a person and a business. Cases in the courts dealing with the current laws should be discussed and recorded, which is why we offer the most up to date news possible regarding several current topics in government.

Lastly our site will provide articles. The articles will vary in topics dealing with the legal world. Some of the articles may discuss clauses that you can add to legal documents found here. Other articles may look at what personal injury means or what copyrights are. All articles deal with legal issues of a personal or business nature regarding the documents we sell on this site or current news that requires an in depth look regarding the changes discussed in the news article.

Our Legal Advice page has been created to help you gain free information. We provide online legal advice for your convenience to help keep the legal fees down. There are times when you do not need to pay a hundred pounds just to get a question answered. Our site will be here for you when that time comes. As always we will touch on relevant legal issues with news, guides, and articles, but they will in no way replace a solicitor when you are ready to take your legal needs to the next step. Our quick legal advice section will help you find a lawyer when it is time to get the professional help on your legal matter.

Stay tuned for updates to this page as our services continue to develop.