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The urgent need for legal documents may arise unexpectedly in your personal or business life, but do not worry, because our website has numerous legal documents available to assist you. When you use the legal templates we offer here, then you can save large amounts on legal fees.

Our promise to you

All of our legal document templates have been carefully drafted by highly experienced UK lawyers and approved as fully up-to-date. So they are simple and easy to complete. Even more so, because of the free guide that comes with each one.

As we want you to be happy with our offering (and we are confident you will be), if you are in any way disappointed with the template you have bought, we offer a no-quibble full money-back guarantee.

To help you understand the types of documents we have available, we will highlight below our ranges of personal document templates and then the business document templates.

Personal Legal Document Templates

Under the heading of personal documents, we provide confidentiality agreements, consumer documents, conveyancing, divorce and separation paperwork, personal injury documents, powers of attorney, tenancy agreements and wills and probate documents.

Confidentiality Agreements

Our Confidentiality Agreements category comprises five templates: a one-way confidentiality agreement, a patent confidentiality letter, a reciprocal confidentiality agreement and the simplified confidentiality letter. Confidentiality agreements are meant to be a legal contract between two parties to prevent the mis-use of  confidential information.

Consumer Help

Consumer documents refer to legal issues such as reclaiming bank charges or credit card charges. In recent years there have been numerous unlawful charges by banks and credit card companies that you might be entitled to recoup.


Conveyancing documents will help you with property. Any time you need to title a property to someone else, then you will need to sign conveyancing documents. The property is typically real estate, but it can also be other items.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation is not easy to deal with emotionally, but our templates will help you to make sense of the legal paperwork you  might need, and save you a lot in legal fees. This section includes change of name deeds, prenuptial agreements and separation agreements.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury can occur with a car accident or a misstep in someone’s home or in other places like businesses. Any time you suffer a personal injury, you will need personal injury documents to help your case. The templates provided will help you create your case and evidence for help in making  your claim. (NB We are not “claims farmers” or “ambulance chasers”, and we will never pass your contact details to third parties who are.)

Powers of Attorney

Power of Attorney documents and Wills can be discussed together. We have a wide range of wills to suit your needs. Often when a person creates a will, then they also create a lasting power of attorney document. Such a power will state who will have control in the event that the grantor is no longer able to make decisions. These templates and the other personal law documents available on this site will protect you and your loved ones at very little expense.

Wills and Probate

Also in our Wills and Probate section we have deeds of variation for situations where someone died with or without a will and the beneficiary of an inheritance does not wish to receive it and has chosen for it to go to someone else instead. These deeds can be used to make potential savings on Inheritance Tax.

Residential Property

For landlords who rent out residential accommodation, we have a range of tenancy agreements and related legal documents in our Residential Property section. This includes an assured shorthold tenancy agreement, a licence to occupy, a lodger agreement and an inventory template. You can re-use these at no further cost, so you will find them great value for money.

Business Legal Document Templates

Under business templates there are categories for business documents, commercial contracts, commercial property, copyright, debt recovery, e-commerce, employment and HR, health and safety, intellectual property, lawyers, non-disclosure agreements and trademarks documents for you to use.

Business Documents

Business documents may refer to start-up templates and agreements like the articles of association, a business transfer agreement, a shareholders agreement, and a deed of adherence template. These legal document templates will help you create, operate and sell your business in a legal manner.

Commercial Contracts

Our commercial contract templates cover key business contracts such as marketing agency agreements, agency agreements, loan agreements, and distribution agreements. If you need terms and conditions of trade, then see our E-commerce and Internet section.

Commercial Property Agreements

Our range of commercial property agreements are aimed at commercial landlords and tenants of commercial premises, and include licences to occupy commercial premises, leases and assignment agreements, among others. If you are a landlord running a business of residential lettings, then please see our Residential Property section.

E-commerce and the Internet

Our E-commerce and Internet section is one of our most popular categories. This is where you will find documents to help you run an online business. Every online site will need a privacy policy, which you can find in this section. Then there are website terms and conditions, copied content complaint letters, terms of use of a website, and email disclaimers. All of these are in our E-commerce and Internet section. So they will help you set up your website and operate your e-commerce site properly.

Employment and HR

Our employment contracts and HR paperwork will help keep your business compliant and well organised. Make sure you protect your company in the hiring and layoff process. So this can be an area of concern to employers when it comes to having the right legal documents. However, with Legalo’s help, you will not need to spend a fortune on this. So to help you, the documents in our employment ad HR sections include:

Health and Safety

The health and safety of employees at work is paramount. Not only will you need legal templates of documents for your employees to sign, but you will also need a health and safety booklet. You will find statements, environmental forms, risk assessment forms, first aid and more in our health and safety category. All of these documents will help you keep your employees safe, healthy, and happy in their work environment.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Non-disclosure agreements include various types of non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements, for example the one-way non-disclosure agreement, non-disclosure letter, and reciprocal non-disclosure agreement. If you have these legal documents in place, then they will help prevent the leak of important information and protect your business.

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