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Business Legal Templates

Produce your own business legal documents, with our lawyer-drafted templates:

Legalo’s Business Legal Templates

We have a wide range of business contract and document templates to meet the requirements of setting up and running a small or medium-sized business. As commercial lawyers, we appreciate that instructing a lawyer to draft your business document templates can be an expense that the business cannot always afford. With this in mind, we have drafted document and contract templates that cover a wide range of agreements that those setting up or running a business are likely to require.

We also cover documents that you will need when you come to develop or sell your business. From our popular joint venture agreement to our business sale agreement template, we have your needs covered.

Our online templates can all be downloaded in Word format and then easily edited to meet your specific requirements. We include detailed guidance notes with each template,to assist you in drafting the final document.

Each template can be used as many times as needed without further cost. If we update the contract or document, you will get an updated copy added to your Legalo account at no extra cost.

For Starting Your Business

For starting and running a business, we have all the legal document templates that you will need.

You can buy our templates individually or you can save money by buying our ‘Business Startup’ templates pack. This includes everything needed.

For Running Your Business

For running your business, you will also find a large range of compliance document templates in other sections of this website. From staff policies in our HR templates section to various employment contracts, at Legalo we have your business legal templates covered!

You can browse all of the business contract and document templates above.

Save money and time by avoiding the need to consult a solicitor for straightforward legal matters.

Why Use Our Templates For Your Business

Each of our templates has been written by a qualified lawyer and comes with a comprehensive guide to ensure that you understand the document you are working with and to make editing straight-forward.

Every document comes with a full money-back guarantee in case you are not fully satisfied for any reason.