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Confidentiality Agreements

We have a range of confidentiality agreement templates to protect you and your business when disclosing confidential information. Remember that there is no protection of an idea and unless you have secured an intellectual property right then a recipient of the confidential information can do  as they please with that information. A confidentiality agreement can be used to put in place a contractual restriction on the recipient of the confidential information.

Above you will see a range of agreements designed to protect confidential information in a range of situations.

Each document can be downloaded in Word format and easily edited to your specific situation and requirements. From simple short form confidentiality letter templates to our more robust reciprocal confidentiality template we have your business’ requirements covered.

Buying and Using Our Templates

You can view a sample of each agreement template before you buy by clicking the ‘preview’ button that you will see on each template page. Once purchased the template is made available to you within your Legalo account. The document can then be downloaded in Word format and edited as required. If you require the document in a non Word format then you just need to email or call us after you have bought the template and we will convert it to your required format.

Full Guidance When Drafting

Each template comes with detailed guidance notes that we have written to accompany the template. These notes walk you through every clause in the confidential agreement and ensure that you are going to draft a document that does what you intend it to do and without stress or the cost of engaging a lawyer.