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Welcome to Legalo.co.uk, your online resource for legal document templates and guidance for small businesses and those running them. Our mission is to enable you to manage more legal matters yourself, without recourse to expensive solicitors.

We provide simple and professional legal document and contract templates, as well as legal forms, for you to complete from the comfort of your desk when you need them. Our document templates have all been drafted by solicitors specialising in the relevant area. You can therefore be sure that the document template you are getting is just as good as that prepared by a Solicitor but without the unnecessary expense or waiting time. We provide how-to guides to help you fill out your legal document or form accurately, and guide you through the processes you may face when filling in your template with our detailed step-by-step guides.

We specialise in providing legal document templates and the guidance needed to accurately complete them.

So whether you are looking at employment contract templates or need a tenancy at will for a short term letting contract, you can find the solution here.

All our DIY legal document and agreement templates can be purchased online on a one-off individual user basis.

Legalo – Keeping your legal costs down since 2015

With recent cost-of-living rises, it is nice to be able to make significant savings on expensive legal fees. This has been our mission since 2015. We have not put up our prices since 2019, and, with Legalo, you only pay for what you use. We have saved over £5 million in legal fees for our customers so far.

Legalo’s Online Legal Document Templates

Our documents come complete with know how guides that set out the relevant legal information so that you can have peace of mind in what you are doing. If you do require legal advice or are just not confident enough with your own drafting work then we also operate a find a solicitor referral service. We work with a panel of lawyers, carefully selected for their expertise and value to our visitors.

Our DIY format takes the stress out of the legal document and contract requirements that your business has and saves you the worry of how to afford a costly high street solicitor. Before you download our document templates bear in mind that legal document agreement are often specific to each country and so must be drafted according to the laws of the place you wish them to be enforced in.

Our legal documents create binding contracts capable of being upheld in a court of law. Such documents will usually need to be signed by all parties to the agreement so that the agreement can be enforced, and each party is obligated to fulfil the contents of the agreement.

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