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Intellectual Property Agreements

Our range of Intellectual Property agreements and contracts. Cost effective legal peace of mind without the need to hire a lawyer.

Templates to Save You Legal Fees

All of our intellectual property agreement templates have been drafted by a practicing UK solicitor. This means that once purchased you get a reliable template. You also get great value.

Our templates come with detailed guidance notes. Using our templates and guidance notes you can draft your intellectual property contract with ease.

Tips When Drafting an IP Contract

Our templates are drafted so that you need to edit as little information as possible. That said there are some best practice tips that we can recommend.

  • Always read the template before you begin to edit it.
  • Read the guidance notes before beginning to edit the template.
  • Get all the information that you need before beginning your drafting.
  • Take care to delete all of the [square] brackets as you edit the agreement.
  • If you send the complete contract to the other side for signing send it in PDF format.
  • Always take a copy of the final signed agreement for your records.

What Intellectual Property Agreement?

Our range of intellectual property agreements cover the following areas:

  • design rights;
  • copyright;
  • trademarks;
  • patents.

For each of these categories of intellectual property we have both assignment and licence agreements. We also have other popular documents such as infringement notices.

All of our agreement and contract templates are downloadable in Microsoft Word format. Once you have completed you document you can save it into PDF format. It is then ready for printing and signing.

Creating legally robust agreements and contracts without major legal expense is that easy.

Intellectual Property Agreement Lawyers

If you find yourself negotiating a particularly complicated IP agreement then you may want some assistance. Our support team are on hand to answer questions.

However, if you find yourself in need of the support of a specialist IP lawyer then we can also assist. We operate a panel of pre vetted lawyers. If you need to appoint a lawyer to negotiate your IP agreement with another party we can introduce you. You will get three quotes from specialist IP lawyers who can take over the negotiation and drafting of your intellectual property agreement.

Do You Need An Agreement?

If you are wondering whether you need an intellectual property agreement the answer is sometimes.

This is because certain IP rights can only be transferred by using a written agreement. For example copyright. Also bear in mind that putting a written agreement in place provides legal certainty. If you do not document an agreement reached with a third party then you have no evidence of what was agreed.

For the relatively low cost of our templates you get legal peace will protect your rights and state exactly what the other party is permitted to do or not do with your intellectual property rights. It is in your best interests to have clear and precise legal agreements in place to prove your legal rights and what was agreed.