Deed of Surrender of a Lease

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This is our Deed of Surrender of a Lease template. This template can be used to create a legal deed for use by a tenant to surrender a commercial or residential lease agreement to their landlord.

This document can be easily completed to effect the surrender of any type of lease.

The template was drafted by an experienced lawyer (David, our co-founder) for reliability and has been drafted to make it simple to complete. Detailed drafting notes are included with your download and you can read an abbreviated guide that covers the clauses unique to this Deed of Surrender – click the link.

Using this Deed of Surrender of a Lease template

The template can be downloaded in Word format and saved to your computer so that you can then edit and complete the Deed.  Once completed the Deed needs to be signed by both the landlord and the tenant in the presence of a witness who must then add their signature to the Deed.

You can reuse the template as many times as you wish, although this particular type of template might only be needed once by you. Nevertheless, we will email you with a free updated template if the current one is amended in the future. You get a template for life at no further cost.

What is a Deed of Surrender of a Lease?

A deed of surrender for a lease is used by the landlord and tenant to return the property to the landlord where the tenant no longer wishes to lease the property and agrees with the landlord to return it early.

It is ideal for surrendering a lease created from a business lease agreement template, such as the one we also offer.

Our Deed of Surrender of Lease template is for use where the landlord and tenant have agreed to terminate the lease early. For a lease that is registered at the Land Registry, you can use a TR1 to surrender it, but most parties prefer to use a deed of surrender, as it is a more appropriate form to use as a starting point (the Land Registry actually recommend you use a deed of surrender).

This deed of surrender incorporates various options, so it is appropriate whether or not:
1. the lease is “old” or “new” lease for the purposes of the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995;
2. there is a guarantor of the tenant’s obligations under the lease;
3. the lease is registered at the Land Registry; or
4. there is an option to renew the lease on expiry (called “security of tenure”).

This deed of surrender is designed to be used for surrender of the whole of the leased site, but with suitable adaptation it can be used as a surrender of part of the leased site.

If a new site is being granted to the tenant as part of the surrender, do this in a separate document (to be signed at the same time as the deed of surrender) by way of issuing a new lease for that new area. A template for a commercial lease for this purpose is available from Legalo’s website.

If you would like to read further information on what a Deed of Surrender is, then have a look at this page on the Investopedia website.

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