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Declaration of Trust for Bank Account

Our Declaration of Trust for Bank Account template:

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How Does It Work?

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This is our template for a Declaration of Trust for a Bank Account. If you have a trustee operating a bank account for you, then use this declaration of trust to make it clear the account is your asset and not theirs. It should safeguard the asset whether:

  • the bank providing the account thinks it is the trustee’s money; or
  • if the trustee dies and someone thinks the money was the trustee’s.

Effectively, the trustee will act as your nominee and follow your instructions.

Bare trust

Our template sets up a bare trust (i.e. showing the bank account is held for one person or a small group of named persons in set percentages), not a discretionary trust (i.e one where the beneficiaries are unknown but will come from a group of named people, with the actual beneficiary/ies to be set later on).

Why use a Declaration of Trust for a Bank Account?

Sometimes you need this where it is difficult for a person to operate a certain bank account. Perhaps this is because it is in a different country. It is very important to ensure the person appointed as trustee is honest, reliable and trustworthy.

Issues regarding the bank account

It is best if you get the declaration of trust signed as soon as the trustee opens the account. Then you would want to send a copy of it to the bank in most cases. This is so that the bank does not think the trustee owns the money. If it did, then the bank might want to take the money back if the trustee personally owed the bank money. So ensure you receive an acknowledgement from the bank that they are not treating the money as belonging to the trustee.

NB the bank may set certain requirements. As a minimum, it may well want to complete the anti-money-laundering ID checks on the beneficiary.

For more about nominee trusts, of which this is one, please see Wikipedia.

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