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Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Our Employee Confidentiality Agreement template:

  • Provides robust protection for your business
  • Written in plain English by our UK solicitor
  • Fast and simple to complete
  • A cost-effective solution
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How Does It Work?

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Our employee confidentiality agreement provides essential protection where your employees have access to confidential information. It protects a business by ensuring that:

(a) the employees are tied to strict obligations of confidentiality; and

(b) the staff know what duty of confidentiality they owe to the business.

The employee confidentiality agreement applies both during the employee’s employment with you and after it has ended. The agreement prohibits:

(a) the disclosure by the employee of any confidential information; and

(b) its use for any reason outside of the business of your company.

While we have referred to this as being a confidentiality agreement for use with employees, you can also use it with any of the following:

1. volunteers;

2. self-employed contractors;

3. directors; and

4. work experience students or student interns.

The terms of it confirm they will not misuse any sensitive or confidential information that they may have access to, or come across, during the course of their employment or other relationship with the organisation. You can use it to supplement a basic contract of employment, which might not have a suitable (or well-drafted) confidentiality provision in it already, or a director’s service agreement. Our employment contract template (which you can find here) and our director’s service agreement template (which you can find here) both do have a confidentiality provision in it.

Using This Employee Confidentiality Agreement Template

Our in-house UK solicitor has drafted this template. It is free from hard-to-read jargon.

This employee confidentiality agreement template is downloadable in Word format. A preview of the document is available using the button to the right and you can read the guidance notes below. (The full guide is also included with the download when you buy the template.)

When you buy this employee confidentiality agreement template, you get the following additional benefits at no extra cost:

1. guide to help you complete the template;

2. free updates to the template – you will always have access to the latest version;

3. free access to the template for life; and

4. our free email and telephone helpline services – to help you complete the template.

This represents incredible value for money. It is also covered by our money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Guide to our Employee Confidentiality Agreement template

Our template is very quick to complete. The excerpt from the guide to it, below, will make this clear:

At the top, either insert the name of the organisation or have the agreement printed on the organisation’s letterhead notepaper.

In the first paragraph, you can either insert the name of the employee, etc by hand once printed or type it in beforehand where the doted line appears. In the words that follow on the first and second lines in square brackets, choose which option applies and delete the others. On the fifth line insert the organisation’s name.

Final note – Once you have chosen all the options and filled in all the details, remove any square brackets that might still exist in the document. Then you are ready to print it out.

Signing – Once printed, have the employee, etc sign it where indicated. He or she should also insert his/her name and the date where indicated. When the employee signs it, as it is being signed as a deed, the signature of the employee needs to be witnessed by someone – preferably another employee (not someone related to the employee by birth, being aged 18 or over). This can be the employee’s line manager for example. The witness should then sign and print their name where indicated.

A copy of the signed agreement can be given to the employee, etc and the original should be retained by the organisation.