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One-Way Confidentiality Agreement

Our One-Way Confidentiality Agreement template:

  • Protects the party disclosing information
  • Drafted by a UK legal specialist for reliability
  • Fast to complete
  • Cost-effective legal peace of mind
Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Work?

  • 1. Download
  • 2. Edit
  • 3. Print
  • 4. Sign

Our one-way confidentiality agreement is designed to be used when just one of the parties will disclose information that is of a confidential nature. Whatever the nature of the information you will be disclosing is, this agreement will ensure robust contractual protection.

Using the Confidentiality Agreement template

This document will give protection to your ideas or information so that they can’t be copied, discussed or used without your prior written consent.

The template can be downloaded in Word format and then edited to your specific requirements. Drafted by our in-house lawyer, David, the agreement has been designed to be simple to complete, without any prior legal knowledge. Simply follow the guide and edit the text that is wrapped within the square brackets throughout the agreement. The one-way confidentiality agreement is written in concise, clear text that is free from the usual technical jargon.

Drafting time is estimated at about 10 minutes.

When to use this One-Way Confidentiality Agreement

We have several confidentiality agreements for sale on our website, so how do you know which one is the best for your needs?

If there is to be only one party disclosing private and confidential information, you would use this one-way confidentiality agreement template or the abbreviated (one-way) confidentiality letter version.

After you have purchased the one-way confidentiality agreement all you have to do is download, fill it in, print it and get it signed. Once both parties involved have signed it, you can then safely disclose the confidential information to the other party. You can re-access the template free of charge at anytime to make further amendments or to re-use them at a later date.

This one-way confidentiality agreement will be used if only one person is disclosing the information. You would use our template for a mutual or reciprocal confidentiality agreement if both parties are going to disclose information to each other.

As mentioned above if you prefer a very short document then the same points are addressed in the confidentiality letter but it provides a lower level of detail.

We offer a range of confidentiality agreements to suit your specific requirements.