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Finding a Solicitor can be a hassle

In the United Kingdom you have several choices when it comes to solicitors. Different types of specialist solicitors will provide legal representation based on your situation – in other words, if you are seeking compensation for a personal injury, you will need a personal injury lawyer. For all legal advice, you will want to find the lawyer that best fits you or your business’s needs.

Since solicitors can be important to your life, you want to ensure that you have the right solicitor for you. This means that you want the right qualifications, the proper training, and a personable solicitor. You want the person that will work best with you for your situation.

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Let’s take a look at how best to find a lawyer

To begin you will need to search for a solicitor that best fits your needs. If you are dealing with property a conveyancing lawyer is needed. For a patent issue a lawyer well versed in patent laws is essential. You may find that a solicitor firm you already work with has a department for your current legal needs. Many firms have more than one service that they help with because they have a specific team per legal need.

When you choose a company or solicitor you need to check the Law Society or the Council of Licensed Solicitors. These two places are available online. You can check for free if your lawyer is listed in those databases. Many individuals head straight for the list rather than looking at the yellow pages. The list is broken down by categories, which helps you locate a firm or solicitor that can help you.

You will want to choose three firms or three names from the list. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for; whether its goods, services, or products you always want to do a comparison of prices, quality, and availability. By choosing three solicitors from the list you can ascertain which company is more willing to work with you. You can also get a feel for the cost of the solicitor. You will usually find three quotes in which you have a median quote to choose from, with one lower and one higher.

Do not choose the solicitor based on the cost. You also need to base your decision on the training the lawyer has had. All solicitors must undergo an undergraduate programme in law. They also need training in a law firm. By confirming the education, law exam results, and their degree that says they can practise law you are one step closer to finding the right person to represent you in your legal matter.

It is not enough to check their training. You will also want to check their references and records. For instance, how many cases have they handled that are similar to yours? Have they been practising for one year or twenty years on their own? What are their ambitions as a solicitor? Do they want to own their own firm or stay with the status quo? All of these questions will give you the answers you need to feel confident that you have found the right person.

A solicitor will ask you to sign a client care letter. This letter will state what the firm will do for you, what you can expect, and what they expect from you. Client care letters are pretty standard in the industry. They have complete disclosure regarding the services and costs. By signing the client care letter you have committed to the firm or the solicitor with a legally binding agreement. So make sure you are comfortable with your choice before signing that letter.

To gain more trust with the firm or person you choose, consider asking for referral letters. A happy client may have provided the firm with a referral letter they are allowed to use for prospective clients. By asking for this information you are confirming what the solicitor has already told you regarding their legal expertise.

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Online sites like ours work to ensure you find a solicitor. On this page you can use the form to get results regarding lawyers in your area and for the legal needs you have. The lawyers provided here are all checked out and on the Law Society list. However, you will still want to follow the above information to make the right choice.