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Guide To Our Confidentiality Letter

Posted by Stephen on September 7, 2015

Guide To Our Confidentiality Letter

This is an introduction to the guidance notes to our Confidentiality Letter template, which is for use by a party who has agreed with a second party to release sensitive or confidential information to the second party on the condition it is not misused. It may be relating to discussions about a possible project together (i.e. a joint venture), an invention, idea or discovery by the first party or the second party buying the first party or its business.

Confidentiality provisions, such as those in this template, are often required to protect ideas and other sensitive information.

Copyright laws may extend a basic protection to some data and other information, but the ideas or concepts behind information need to be protected by a confidentiality provision, as ideas or concepts themselves are not protected by copyright. You should not disclose such information verbally or in writing until you have a signed confidentiality letter in place.

A confidentiality letter may also be known as:

1. a confidentiality agreement;

2. a non-disclosure agreement;

3. a non-disclosure letter; or

4. an NDA.

If both parties are to pass confidential information to each other, e.g. to evaluate whether to merge their businesses, then you might prefer our reciprocal or mutual confidentiality agreement template.

Clauses in our Confidentiality Letter

For the rest of the guide to this template, please click here (and scroll down that page to the heading “Clauses in our Confidentiality Agreement”).

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