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Our Intellectual Property Assignment has been drafted so that it covers all types of Intellectual Property (IP). The Intellectual Property Assignment (often called an IP Assignment) agreement enables you to easily transfer intellectual property from one party to another.

The following intellectual property rights can be transferred using this agreement template:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyright
  • Design Rights
  • Patents

If you want to transfer know how or confidential information along with the IP rights then we recommend that you use the Technology Transfer Agreement instead of this IP Assignment.

When to Use an Intellectual Property Assignment Agreement

The intellectual property laws existing here in the UK state that if you have created art work, music, written works, discoveries, inventions, symbols, etc you have exclusive rights to them.

This is the case unless you create the Ip in question in your capacity as an employee of a company. In that case the employer owns the intellectual property.

As the owner of intellectual property rights you may want to transfer those rights to another party. if you are transferring IP rights in return for a monetary payment then you are deemed to be assigning those rights. If however you are transferring the Ip for no monetary payment then you are deemed to be transferring the rights.

In both cases it is necessary to document the transfer in writing. Use our IP Assignment template to do this.

Using our IP Assignment Template

Our template has been drafted by a UK solicitor so that it is legally binding in England, Scotland and Wales. You can purchase our documents knowing that they are easy to use and a great value for your money.

You may have a consultant that was hired to create new ideas or products. When you have them sign an Assignment of Intellectual Property you are transferring the IP from them to you.

It will state that any ideas or products from them will become the intellectual property of your firm instead of the employee. It eliminates the possibility that the employee could use the idea or product to reproduce it or sell it to another company.

Although you will find the document is in legal terminology, it will be easy for you and the other party to understand. The information that is in the template will be legal in the UK. Download the template to your computer and you can begin filling it out right away.

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Need Help With This IP Assignment Template?

Whatever questions you have regarding this intellectual property assignment template we can help. Our team of customer support advisors cannot provide legal advice but they can advise you on using this agreement. For example whether this or another agreement template is right for you. We can also answer any questions that you have when you get to completing the IP assignment agreement.