Trademark Assignment

  • Easily assign registered and unregistered trademarks
  • Includes our no questions money back guarantee
  • Solicitor drafted Deed of Assignment template
  • Full guidance notes included with download
  • Less than 15 minutes drafting time required
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How Does It Work?

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  • 2. Edit
  • 3. Print
  • 4. Sign

Our trademark assignment template is for use in drafting a trademark assignment agreement. The agreement transfers the rights in the trademark and can be used to transfer both registered trademarks and unregistered trademarks.

If you want an agreement that clearly sets out what trademarks are being transferred and the rights and obligations of each party in a clear, concise way then use our trademark assignment agreement template.

Drafted by a solicitor our template is easily edited to create a legally binding agreement that you can rely on.

If for any reason you are not happy with you purchase after downloading the template then we offer a no questions full money back guarantee.

Using Our Trademark Assignment Template

Once purchased the template agreement can be downloaded in Microsoft Word format. You then edit the template by adding in the details that are specific to you. The areas that you need to edit in the agreement are shown with [square] brackets.

The template includes provision for situations where the trademark is being sold and for the situation where it is being transferred to the Assignee without any payment being made. The later may be relevant if the trademark is being assigned as part of a related transaction. For example, a business sale.

The download included full guidance notes that take you through each clause in the agreement and explain exactly what you need to edit.

This is a relatively short and straightforward document and generally takes about 15 minutes to complete.

The completed trademark assignment agreement can then be saved as a pdf and signed by each of the parties.

Do You Need a Deed of Assignment?

A transfer of any property should be made in writing in order to clearly establish the basis of the transfer and to set out any requirements that relate to it. Strictly speaking you do not need a written agreement to transfer a trademark.

It would be sufficient to record the transfer by submitting the TM16 From with the Intellectual Property Office. This form notifies the Intellectual Property Office of the transfer.

However, without a written transfer agreement the purchaser of the Trademark would not be able to take action against a third party who has been infringing the trade mark prior to the date that the trademark was transferred.

This is because this right can only be transferred by a written agreement. our template trademark assignment agreement includes this right as part of the rights that are transferred from the Assignor to the Assignee.

What Warranties are Included?

The agreement template includes a standard warranty (which is a contractual promise) that confirm that the Assignor is the owner of the trademark(s).

Sample Trademark Assignment

You can preview the trademark assignment by clicking on the ‘Preview’ button towards the top right of this page. The sample that is provided will give you a good indication of the layout of the agreement template and its contents.

Signing the Trademark Assignment Agreement

The agreement is drafted in the form of a Deed which means that to be legally binding the signature of the Assignor and the Assignee must be witnessed by an independent witness.

In the trademark assignment template we have included a space for you to add the witnesses’s details and then a space for them to sign.

After Signing the Transfer Agreement

Once the agreement to transfer the trademark(s) has been signed it needs to be registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office. Use Form TM16 to update the Trademarks Register with the new owner’s details and to record the transfer.

At the time of writing a fee of £50 is payable to the Intellectual Property Office when you submit the form and request that they record the details of the transfer.

When Form TM16 is sent it must either be signed by both the Assignor and the Assignee or if sent by the Assignee and signed by just them then a copy of the Deed of Assignment must also be sent with the form.

Trademark Assignment Template Image

Does the Assignment Template Work Internationally?

The trademark assignment template agreement is governed by the laws of England and Wales. However, it can be used to transfer both UK trademarks and European Community registered trademarks.

In the UK Scotland is its own legal jurisdiction but you can change the ‘Law and Jurisdiction’ clause in the template agreement to Scotland and Scottish law if that is preferable to you.