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Copyright Assignment

Our Copyright Assignment template:

  • Transfer Copyright with our assignment of copyright template
  • Specialist Solicitor-drafted template agreement for reliability
  • Full guidance notes included for fast, simple drafting
  • Includes our money-back no-quibble guarantee
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How Does It Work?

  • 1. Download
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Use our Copyright Assignment Template to transfer copyright from one party (the Assignor) to another party (the Assignee). The template can be used to transfer the copyright in any material in which copyright exists.

When To Use a Copyright Assignment Template

Use our template if you are the owner of the copyright and you want to:

  1. sell the copyright in something to another party; or
  2. gift the copyright to another.

The copyright being transferred can be anything in which copyright exists. That is any literary, dramatic, musical or artistic works, or a sound recording.

Do I need An Assignment?

For copyright to be assigned from one party to another, it needs to be completed via an ‘instrument in writing’. The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 requires this. This simply means that you need to put in place a written agreement to transfer the copyright legally.

The agreement documents the terms on which the transfer has taken place. In addition there is no register of copyright in the UK. As a result, the transfer document acts as proof that the assignor has assigned the copyright. It also details:

  • who the owner of the copyright is; and
  • whether there are any restrictions or other terms applicable to the assignment.

As copyright is not registered in the UK, you do not need to make any application to the Intellectual Property Office to register the assignment of the copyright.

Using Our Copyright Assignment Template

Once you have purchased the template you can download it in Word format and begin editing the document to create your copyright assignment agreement.

The template contains [square] brackets which shows you where to edit the template with the information that is specific to your situation.

This will be details such as:

  • the name of the party who is transferring the copyright; and
  • the name of the party who is purchasing the copyright (or receiving it if the assignor is gifting it to them).

If the recipient is paying for the transfer of the copyright, then add the amount within the agreement. However, if the assignor is gifting the copyright, then the clause can be edited to confirm that no payment is being made.

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If you have any questions relating to the copyright assignment template, please do contact us.