Copyright Infringement Notice Letter

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  • Warn another party to stop infringing copyright
  • Save on legal fees by drafting the letter yourself
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How Does It Work?

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Use our copyright infringement notice to notify an individual or a business that they have infringed your copyright. The letter warns the recipient that you will take legal action if they do not cease the copyright infringement.

Copyright in the UK is covered by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Under this legislation an owner of copyright is entitled to a range of legal remedies. These include:

  • Damages for breach of copyright.
  • Damages for breach of moral rights to be identified as the author and to object to false attribution of work.
  • An injunction to prevent further infringement of copyright.
  • An order for the handing over of any articles/materials that infringe the copyright.

However, taking legal action is expensive and time consuming. Accordingly you may be happy to simply require that the copyright infringement ceases.

You’ll often hear of this type of letter being referred to as a ‘cease and desist’ letter. I.e. that unless the infringing party stops doing what they are doing you will take formal legal action.

Using Our Copyright Infringement Letter

Our letter template has been drafted by a practising solicitor to ensure that it covers all that is legally needed. This letter acts as a copyright infringement warning notice.

When you download the template letter you can then edit it to cover your specific circumstances. You will need to set out a description of what you have that is protected by copyright. You will also need to set out what the infringing party is accused of having done.

Once you have edited the letter template you will then need to delete the square brackets.

The law doe snot set out any specific format for a copyright infringement notice but to comply with the Civil Procedure Rules you do need to set out what the infringing action is that you are claiming fringes your copyright.

Once you have completed editing the template you can save it in word or pdf format.

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Is your Material Copyright Protected?

Before issuing a letter for infringement of copyright you need to satisfy yourself that your work attracts copyright protection. In the UK there is no requirement to register copyright for it to exist. Copyright exists automatically when an original literary, musical or artistically work is created. Copyright also covers original sound recordings.

Read our guide to copyrighting music for more details on copyright protection.