Rent Final Demand Letter

Our Rent Final Demand Letter Template:

  • Avoid on-going non-payment
  • Send to warn of legal action
  • Solicitor-drafted
  • Protects your legal position
  • Draft in under 5 minutes
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How Does It Work?

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Use the Rent Final Demand Letter to send to your tenant if they have not paid rent after receiving an initial rent arrears reminder letter from you. (If you need a template for such an initial letter, then please see our Rent Arrears Letter template here.) You should send a final demand letter before starting any legal proceedings lawfully to evict a tenant who has not paid the rent, in order to (a) give the tenant a final chance to put matters right and (b) also,  if the tenant still fails to pay, to ensure that later on you have some evidence that you tried to get the tenant to pay up before you started the eviction process.

If you have sent an initial chaser letter for the unpaid rent and it has been ignored, do not delay: send our final demand letter as a follow-up promptly after the deadline in the initial reminder letter has expired.  Then get yourself ready for any possible eviction action if the final demand letter is also ignored by the tenant.

Our Final Demand Letter Template

Our template letter has been drafted by a UK solicitor and sets out the key information that you should provide to the tenant. You can then follow up on the letter and serve the necessary form of notice to begin eviction proceedings in the court if the tenant still does not pay the overdue receive this final demand letter.

The letter has been drafted in Word format so that you can edit it at your computer then download, print and sign it, before sending it to your tenant.

As this letter acts as a formal warning that eviction/possession proceedings will be commenced if the rent arrears are not brought up-to-date promptly by the tenant, you should ideally send the letter by recorded post (signed for), special delivery or a guaranteed-next-day delivery service, so that you can then provide evidence in any subsequent eviction proceedings that the letter was sent (and also you can prove delivery with these methods).