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Our Rent Arrears Letter template is to be used when a tenant is late in paying their rent.

You should send a rent arrears letter as soon as the rent payment becomes overdue, so that you can hopefully secure payment as quickly as possible, and hopefully stop late payment becoming a habit or getting out of control. In many instances late payment will be an oversight on the part of a tenant that hasn’t set up a standing order for payment.

If the reason for payment is more serious, then the sooner you send your payment reminder letter, the sooner you will be able to commence possession (eviction) proceedings should it come to that. Before starting any eviction proceedings, you would want to be able to demonstrate to the court that you have demanded the overdue payment and given the tenant a second chance to pay up in order to avoid eviction.

Our Late Rent Reminder Letter

Our template letter has been drafted so that it acts as a reminder to the tenant that the rent is overdue and sets a requirement to bring the arrears up to date within no more than seven days.

The letter is concise and sets out the key information that you should provide to the tenant. This includes a note of the amount of the rent arrears and confirmation of the dates to which the rent relates.

The letter template can be downloaded in Word format and edited before printing, signing and sending to your tenant.

In addition to this first letter that should be sent to a tenant we also have a Rent Final Demand Letter template that can be sent to the tenant if the rent remains unpaid after sending this initial rent arrears letter. The final demand letter takes a much more serious tone and advises the tenant that if the rent remains unpaid then legal proceedings for possession of the property will be taken.

Hopefully by sending a letter to the tenant reminding them that their rent is overdue will resolve the matter without you having to take further action.