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Grievance Procedure Policy

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Our Grievance Procedure Policy template is for use by any employer. It provides rules as to how staff and their management should deal with grievances raised by staff.

By law all employers must have a written grievance procedure that meets the minimum standards under sections 3(1)(b)(ii) and (c), of the Employment Rights Act 1996. The absolute minimum is a written statement of:

1. the person to whom the grievance should be submitted;

2. the manner of submitting the grievance; and

3. further steps that will then be taken.

These can either be (a) included in the employment contract (or statutory statement of employment terms) or (b) provided in a separate policy or staff handbook, so long as it is mentioned in the contract or statement.

Our policy and procedure template fulfils this requirement and also complies with the Acas Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures (you can find the full Code here).

Your Grievance Procedure in Practice

All employers must reasonably and promptly afford an opportunity to their employees to obtain redress of any grievance. Essentially this is about treating employees fairly (in accordance with the Acas Code of Practice). Failing to do this could lead to a constructive dismissal claim being brought by the employee, as it would be treated as a serious breach by the employer.

If failure to address a grievance (or a failure to act fairly in accordance with the Acas Code of Practice) results in a successful tribunal claim, then the employment tribunal can penalise the party responsible by increasing or reducing the employee’s compensation by up to 25%.

For example, the employee might be responsible for failing to address the grievance by his or her being uncooperative or failing to meet with the employer when offered.

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