Outside IR35 Consultancy Agreement – For An Individual

Our Outside IR35 Consultancy Agreement template:

  • Drafted by an experienced UK Solicitor in association with an external consultant
  • Assists you to be ready for the private sector changes in April 2020
  • Helps you to retain your self-employed contractor status
  • Helps you be consistent with what you do in practice
Money Back Guarantee

How Does It Work?

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  • 2. Edit
  • 3. Print
  • 4. Sign

We already have a basic template for a consultancy agreement for an individual, but it is drafted in favour of the client, and not the consultant. The consultant may want to use their own consultancy agreement and send it to the client for approval. This template gives them one that is more in their favour. It also tackles IR35 issues in a more focussed way. This will better protect the consultant and his or her tax status as a self-employed person. Hence the need for our Outside IR35 Consultancy Agreement template.

This template will suit the individual consultant more because:

  1. it is more in favour of the consultant; and
  2. it addresses the key issues under IR35 that could cause issues for the consultant’s tax status.

For more details on the tax and IR35 issues and a full preview of the guide to this template, please see our alternative template for a consultancy agreement for a company.