Notice of Assignment of Debt

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  • Less than five minutes drafting time required
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How Does It Work?

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Our notice of assignment of debt is for use when notifying a debtor (the person or company that owes the money) that the debt that they owe has been assigned (transferred) to another individual or company.

When a debt is transferred it is a requirement that notice is given to the debtor of the assignment/transfer. If notice has not been appropriately given then the party to whom the debt is assigned will not be able to enforce the debt in the courts and get a judgment order.

The notice of assignment of debt must be given within seven days of the date that the assignment agreement is entered into.

Using Our Notice of Assignment of Debt Template

Our notice of assignment of debt template precedent is very simple to use. The template has been drafted by a solicitor to ensure that, whilst it is short and simple, it includes all the necessary details.

The document is drafted like a simple form and you simply need to add in the information within the square brackets that is particular to your circumstances, then delete the square brackets to produce a final form notice.

Once the notice has been completed it needs to be signed by the party assigning the debt and then sent to the party that owes the money (i.e. the debtor). We recommend that the notice is sent by guaranteed next day delivery and signed for. This way you can prove in court that the notice was received by the debtor, should that become necessary.

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