Deed of Assignment of a Judgment Debt

  • Easily assign the benefit of a Judgment debt
  • Solicitor drafted template for reliability
  • Full guidance notes included
  • Cost effective legal peace of mind
  • Average drafting time of 10 minutes
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How Does It Work?

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Our Deed of Assignment of a Judgment Debt template is for use by a party that wants to assign the benefit of a judgment debt to another party. This document is to be used where the judgment has already been obtained from the court.

In order for the assignee of the Judgment debt to enforce the Judgment, an Application will have to be made to the Court for the assignee to replace the assignor as judgment creditor and the party that is entitled to enforce the Judgment debt.

You should take advice if you are not familiar with the process for applying to the court to replace the original beneficiary of the judgment debt.

Using Our Deed of Assignment of a Judgment Debt Template

Our template is downloadable in Microsoft Word format and comes complete with detailed guidance notes. Once you have downloaded the template document you simply need to edit the details within the ‘Background’ section of the document.

When editing the template you will need to add in the name of the party who obtained the judgment debt, the date that the court Judgment Order was made and the amount of the debt.

The template also makes provision for the situation where a charging order and a final charging order have been obtained. If these have been obtained then the benefit of them is also assigned to the Assignee along with the benefit of the Judgment Debt. Where these have not been obtained the wording can be deleted.

Time Required to Complete this Deed of Assignment of a Judgment Debt Template

This is a concise document as you can see from the preview (click the button at the top right of this page). You only need to edit the details within the ‘Parties’ and the ‘Background’ section as the rest has all been drafted for you by a solicitor experienced in drafting these Deeds of Assignment.

Completing the deed of assignment of a judgment debt template should not take any longer than ten minutes.

Deed of Assignment of a Judgement Debt