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Online Templates for Wills and Codicils

Posted by David Cammack on April 15, 2020

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During the Coronavirus crisis, we know a lot of you have decided to make a Will or update an existing Will and that is always the right decision to make – to take action now with a Legalo will template. With our great Will templates, you can still:

  • a make a new Will,
  • replace an old Will or
  • update your existing Will with a Codicil

For more details on why everyone should make a Will, see our blog article on why you should make a Will.

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We are here to help make using our will template easy for you

Throughout the health crisis, our online business will still be available to help you with your urgent legal needs. Our helpline is also still in operation to assist you if you need help, by phone and by email.

A lot of high street solicitors firms are currently very busy trying to help their clients will updating wills. If you cannot see them (via phone or video) quickly or if your normal law firm is unavailable, then our Will templates are a great alternative. They can be used really quickly, so no waiting about.

With just a few minutes of your time, you can make a will or a codicil. To assist you and make it really easy, all of our templates come with a written guide and we also provide free email and telephone support.

Witnessing your Will or Codicil

You still need 2 witnesses to be in your presence when you physically sign your will or codicil. You need to be very careful to sign and witness your document correctly. So you need to think how you can do this properly and still comply with the health guidelines on social-distancing.

One suggestion is to find a couple of local friends or neighbours who can come to the outside of your house, if you set up a small table on the front garden. Sign your document in their presence. They can stand at least 2 metres away while you do. They can then, one at a time, sign the document as witness and can use their own pens. You should all wash your hands before and afterwards.

As with all wills and codicils, the 2 witnesses should be:

  • aged 18 or more and
  • not beneficiaries under your will or codicil.

The written guide that comes with the will or codicil template tells you how to have the document signed and witnessed properly.

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Take action on your Will now

So don’t leave it to chance – get your Will template prepared in just a few minutes with Legalo’s helpful Wills templates. You can find all of our Wills here.

Until the end of September 2022, we’re offering you 25% off our already low prices, so no need to put it off any longer – just use the following Coupon Code at the checkout stage: LEGALOWILL.

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