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How Does It Work?

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This social media policy template is for businesses to use to put in place a policy with their employees that regulates how the employees should use the business’s social media accounts. Protecting your online presence is very important nowadays, but staff do not always know what to do and what to avoid.

Putting in place a social media policy makes sure that your staff know what they can and cannot do when representing the business via its social media channels. It is important to also train your employees in how to use and not use social media when representing the business. This can help avoid some embarrassing and damaging faux pas by your business.

A social media policy also needs to make it clear that employees should not be using social media for private purposes during work hours. Recent studies have highlighted the time wasted by staff on keeping up-to-date with personal social media accounts and the consequent cost to the business and loss of productivity.

Using Our Social Media Policy Template

The social media policy template is downloaded in Word format and can then be edited to your specific requirements. It comes with detailed guidance notes to make completing the document simple. It will take you less than fifteen minutes to read the guide and complete the document.

If you have any queries on how or when to use this template or difficulties in completing it, you can contact us on our free helpline or by email.

Implementing a Social Media Policy

When implementing the policy it is critical that all staff understand the policy and exactly how they are to represent the business on social media, if at all. We recommend that, on completing the social media policy, you email it to all staff and request confirmation they have read it. You should also train your staff in what it means, so you can ensure that they have read it, are aware of it and, more importantly, understand it.

If you already have a Staff Handbook in place, then you can add this social media policy to the other policies in that handbook.

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