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Smoking Policy

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All types of organisations can use our Smoking Policy template. It sets out how staff and management should deal with smoking in the workplace in light of the Health Act 2006, which effectively bans smoking at work.

Putting in place this smoking policy (and of course ensuring it is enforced in practice) is a good step in the direction of ensuring that your business is not prosecuted for breach of the Health Act 2006 and that your employees’ health does not suffer from passive smoking while at work.

The smoking policy is comprehensive and covers:

  • when and where smoking is permitted in the workplace; and
  • restrictions on smoking in vehicles used for work.

Other HR Handbook documentation

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Guide to this Smoking Policy template

You can get a feel for what the smoking policy covers by taking a look at the excerpt from the guide to the template below:

Policy outline – This section sets out what the purpose of the policy is and the consequences of breaching it.

Smoking ban – This section sets out the meaning of the smoking ban at the workplace, in work vehicles and in private vehicles (when being used to carry passengers on work business). It is suggested in the wording of this section that smoking breaks should be confined to work break times (e.g. the lunch break). You can adapt the policy if you are not so strict on this aspect.

Permitted smoking areas – This section sets out the only exception to the smoking ban – that smoking is permitted in areas designated for this. Such areas must be outside and comply with the requirements of the Act, e.g. about not being too enclosed.

Failure to comply with this policy – This section warns staff that a breach of this policy is a disciplinary matter and also might be a criminal offence.