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Expenses Policy

Our Expenses Policy template:

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Any type of organisation can adopt our Expenses Policy template. Our comprehensive expenses policy sets out:

  • how staff and management should deal with the reimbursement of expenses incurred at work;
  • when prior approval is needed before expenses are incurred; and
  • how claims can be made for their reimbursement.

Other HR Handbook documentation

Legalo offers you:

Guide to our Expenses Policy template

With Legalo’s expenses policy, you get a comprehensive HR policy – the following excerpt from the guide to the expenses policy template explains what it covers:

Policy outline – This section sets out what the purpose of the policy is and to whom it applies. Select which types of workers it might apply to (in addition to employees) from the list in the second paragraph of this section.

While in the third paragraph of this section, please note that if the policy has been approved after negotiation with a trade union, it may have become a contractual term of the employees’ contracts. In such a case, modify the template accordingly by deleting this paragraph.

Responsibility for expenses policy – This section sets out who is responsible for the policy and for its implementation. In the first paragraph in this section, fill in the title of any officer who is responsible for this policy in addition to the board of directors (if any). In the last sentence of the first paragraph in this section select which team or department is responsible for day-to-day operation of this policy, e.g. HR or Payroll.

Expenses claims – This section sets out how expenses claims can and should be made. In paragraph a), fill in which team or department claims should be given to and whether they should be made on a particular claims form. In the last paragraph in this section, fill in which team or department will handle any expenses queries.

Expenses for travel – This section sets out how travel expenses are to be incurred and when they might not be reimbursed (e.g. car parking fines).

Accommodation expenses – This section sets out how overnight and meal expenses are to be incurred. In the first paragraph in this section, fill in which team or department’s approval is needed for such expenses (if any). In the first two paragraphs in this section, fill in any applicable limits on these expenses.

Customer entertainment – This final section sets out how expenses for entertaining customers should be planned. Reference is made to your having an Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy in place that must be observed when entertaining customers – if you do not have such a policy in force already, one can be purchased from Legalo.