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Our Separation Agreement template is for use in the UK by married or cohabiting couples, or those that have a Civil Partnership, who have separated or are about to separate and in each case they want to record the terms of their separation in a legal document. A separation agreement is not strictly legally binding in the UK, but the courts will give a lot of consideration to it. Without the presence of extenuating services, a court will in most cases require that the parties (should a dispute arise) stick to the terms that they previously agreed and documented in the separation agreement.

Using this Separation Agreement template

Drafted by David, our co-founding solicitor of over 20 years experience, you can rely on this template being both comprehensive and up-to-date. Simply download in Word format and then complete the document with the help of our detailed guide, which is included free with your purchase. You can have a look at that guide before you buy, so you can get a good idea of the clauses in the agreement – what it covers and how it works.

The template is written in clear plain English, and on average the agreement takes about one hour to complete. You can re-use the template as many times as you require (although given the nature of this template, you will hopefully only have need for it once).

Benefits of a Separation Agreement for Couples

Putting this agreement in place is ideal if a couple is not planning to file for divorce immediately, which can be the case quite often. It provides peace of mind for the couple in knowing that the terms have been agreed in a legal agreement. This also provides time for a couple to consider their marriage. Many separations do not remain permanent and delaying divorce may suit some couples. Also if it comes to going through with the divorce, the separation agreement can be presented to the court for approval as a permanent financial settlement.

Other Considerations

Following a separation, it is sensible for each of you to revisit your Wills and consider whether any changes need to be made. We have an extensive range of will templates in our Wills and Probate section.


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