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Change of Name Deed

Our Change of Name Deed template:

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How Does It Work?

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The law in the UK states that an adult can change any part of his or her name or their entire name without getting anyone’s permission and without the need for it to be registered. However, this is only true if you aren’t doing so for fraudulent purposes. If you want a form of proof of your name having been changed by you but you don’t intend to register the change of name, then you may want to use the Change of Name Deed template we have here. We have created an easy-to-use change of name deed template, which will provide proof your name has been changed. You may need this sort of proof if you want to use your new name on documents like passports and driving licences, as you’ll need to supply evidence of your new name in order to do so.

This template is intended for use by someone:

  1. who is an adult;
  2. who is either (a) a British citizen or (b) permanent resident of the UK;
  3. not someone who was born in Scotland (as different rules apply in Scotland); and
  4. who does not intend to register the change of name.

What is a Deed Poll?

A deed poll is the same thing as a change of name deed.  A deed poll or change of name deed counts as evidence of your having changed your name. Divorce or separation are reasons that someone may wish to change their name. It is common to put in place a couple’s separation agreement in the case of separation and for a woman also to change her name back to her maiden name if the couple have agreed to separate but not yet divorce.

By filling out the template, you can accomplish the change of name quickly and with no fuss. We have made it easy for you to produce your change of name deed using our template, so you can sign it and keep it as evidence that you have changed your name.

Using this Change of Name Deed

This change of name deed can only be used by persons aged 18 or older. However, if a parent wishes to change the name of his or her children after a divorce or separation, they could use a slightly different type of change of name deed to do it (see our separate template for a change of name deed for a child). As a minor, only a person or persons with parental authority may complete the template and change the name of a child.

Is enrolling or registration needed?

As an adult (not born in Scotland), after you have completed the change of name deed, registering the deed poll isn’t required and is very much an optional extra. Registration is only available to UK and Commonwealth citizens, so if you are not either of those but are permanently resident in the UK, then use our Deed Poll template and do not apply for registration of your change of name. Registration does not add any extra benefit to the process for anyone not born in Scotland and is simply an alternative way of doing it. Due to this, most people do not bother with enrolment or registration of their change of name.

However, if you are a UK or Commonwealth citizen and you do intend to register it, you are better off obtaining the official court forms and the government’s suggested version of the deed poll (instead of Legalo’s one), so you can register it with the Royal Courts of Justice. Registering the change of name deed will add to the cost of the process and the time is takes to get the registration completed, so you may instead wish to use our version and simply have the finished document on file at your home as proof that you have changed your name if it were ever needed.

Is the Deed Poll accepted for changing my passport, driving licence or bank details?

Where you are referring to UK documents, yes, a deed poll (or change of name deed) is accepted for the purposes of:

Completing Your Change of Name Deed

The template comes with a guide that explains everything you have to do in clear concise language. When you purchase your change of name deed, you will be able to get started straight away, as you can download it immediately. If you have any queries on its use, you can also use our free helpline service by email or telephone – see our Contact Us page for details.

Below you can see an excerpt of our guide to this Deed Poll template:

Clauses in this Change of Name Deed

Date – Insert just the year at this stage. Handwrite the rest of the date in the deed on the dotted lines once you have printed and signed it. You will need to insert your full current name (i.e. your old name, prior to the change of name taking effect); select your relationship status, deleting the ones that do not apply; fill in your occupation; fill in your home address; complete your date of birth. If you are not a British citizen, amend the words in square brackets in the last line of this paragraph and the nationality of your passport. Fill in your passport number at the end of the paragraph.

Numbered clauses

1. This clause states that your change of name is permanent (until you do another deed poll, of course, if you want to). In each case where it says “[surname OR name]” in this clause, choose whether you are changing just your surname or more and delete the option that does not apply. Fill in your current name in the first and third places where it says “[SURNAME OR NAME]” in this clause. If you are only changing your surname, then just fill in your current surname. If you are changing more than just your surname, then fill in your full name, including all middle names in each such case. In the second place where it says “[SURNAME OR NAME]” in this clause fill in your chosen new surname or whole new name.

2. In clause 2, follow the same guidance as for clause 1 above in relation to completing this clause, except that the first and fourth places where it says “[SURNAME OR NAME]” in this clause you need to complete your new name or surname; and in the second and third places where it says “[SURNAME OR NAME]” you need to fill in your current name or surname.

3. In clause 3, again follow the same guidance as for clause 1 above in relation to completing this clause, except that where it says “[SURNAME OR NAME]” in this clause you need to complete your new name or surname.