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Agency Agreement

Our Agency Agreement Template is easy to customise to your business’s requirements:

  • Suitable for all types of sales agents
  • Meets European Union regulations
  • UK lawyer drafted for accuracy and peace of mind
  • Save to your computer or manage online in your own control panel
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Agency Agreement

Our Agency Agreement is for use when you need to appoint a sales agent for your business who will act for you within the UK or the EU. Our Agency Agreement template has been drafted by a commercial lawyer from the UK so that it will be legal in England, Scotland and Wales. This template has been drafted by an experienced UK  lawyer and it can be customised to meet your specific needs. This template can be used as an exclusive or non exclusive agency. Our do it yourself template allows you to draft the comprehensive document in a professional manner easily. After you have purchased the template you will be able to use it as many times as you need to. By using this document you can save money on legal costs and get the important protection that you need in your commercial relationships.

Be secure with your appointed sales agent

The standard Agency Agreement can be used when you need to appoint a sales agent for your marketing and sales of a product or service. You will be able to use it whether you need it for an exclusive or non exclusive agreement. The sales agency agreement is only if the employee is going to find the customers and also sell to them. In this instance you would want to make the Agency Agreement an exclusive to avoid any conflicts of interest. This agreement binds the employee to your company and no one else. Sales agents typically do not work in a building, but work on outside sales. This can be going from door to door to homes or businesses. The sales agent is responsible for producing a certain amount of sales called the target in the Agency Agreement. If the agent doesn’t produce the sales they can be terminated from the company. Also in the template is the provision that if a payment is late for the product the sales agent must make the payment instead.

Meet European Union regulations

There are European Union regulations that must be followed by the sales agent. You will find these regulations in the Agency Agreement template that we sell. The regulations will deal with the pay off that the sales agent can expect when they leave the company at the end of the agreement. A commission schedule is also part of the Agency Agreement so that the employee knows how much money they are entitled to for selling the company product or service. The templates on our web site will make it easy for you to set up the sales agent agreement that you need. Our document protects both the employer and the sales agent. Get just the right document for your commercial business needs with our easy to use Agency Agreement and other templates.