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How Social Media Is Affecting Customer Service

Posted by David Cammack on August 11, 2015

Social media now plays a key role beyond keeping friends connected. It is now regularly used as a platform to air complaints about the quality of products and services of companies.

A complaint can easily go viral and draw considerable negative publicity.

It is good business practice to have a social media policy both for internal employee social media use and and also for regulating how your business and its employees presents the business across the social platforms.

In the infographic below we look at the question:

“How exactly is social media use affecting customer service based on statistics over the last few years?” 

Social Media Complaint Infographic

This question links directly to the changing perception of customer service itself due to the digital generation we live in.

Significant factors have changed, like how much of an affect complaints can now have on a company and the kind of customer service businesses need to be able to offer to both respond to complaints and prevent them wherever possible.

This also applies to the impact and consequences customers will expect (or aim to achieve) from their complaints on a public and online page, which is virtually akin to using a megaphone outside a branch of a business in a busy multiplex shopping mall!

Are you searching for the answers to questions such as:

“Which sectors are complained about the most on social media?”

“Does this year have the highest rate of complaints so far and how many complaints are being made a year on social media?”

“Are all businesses prepared to deal with online customer complaints and what do consumers say that they are aiming to achieve by choosing to make their complaints online?”

If so, you can find out the answers and discover some amazing new social media statistics in the fantastic, extensive and exceptionally designed infographic above!

All companies should have a policy on social media use both in relation to use of the company’s own social media channels and use by staff of their own social media accounts in work time. Our social media policy template covers both situations, providing robust protection for the company.

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